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How does this work?

In our Medical weight loss program, you make an initial consultation with Dr. Gupta. The initial consultation is the most comprehensive visit of all visits. Dr. Gupta will spend about 45 minutes or more with you. This visit involves:

  • Comprehensive lifestyle history (eating habits, and physical activity pattern)
  • Complete health risk assessment (current medical conditions and medication to assess if there is a medical reason for weight gain)
  • Weight – time history (when you gained, lost weight and why)
  • Body composition assessment and metabolic profile
  • Personalized comprehensive nutrition recommendations, keeping in mind your dietary restrictions and preferences
  • Personalized comprehensive physical activity recommendations, keeping in mind your activity limitations and preferences
  • Behavior modification. Mindset changes from negative to positive to improve habits and wellbeing while providing personalized strategies to overcome barriers.
  • Optimized sleep recommendations
  • Prescription weight loss medications when appropriate
  • As an adjunct to a healthy lifestyle plan, meal replacements (bars and shakes) are also recommended to jumpstart the weight loss process.
  • INITIAL Setup (fee) includes FREE Body Composition Scale and setup on the MyHealthyJourney App for personalized monitoring and recommendations via in-app messaging

Once you start the medical weight loss program with the personalized eating and activity recommendations, set up with the body composition scale and our app (MyHealth Journey), Dr. Gupta can provide you with personalized support.

  • Dr. Gupta will monitor your progress and provide you with periodic guidance based on the Monitoring Subscription Plan purchased. If no plan is purchased, then Dr. Gupta will discuss the personalized report at each follow-up visit via telemedicine or in-person in the office.
  • Dr. Gupta will recommend changes in lifestyle (food, exercise, sleep) based on the progress from the body composition scale recording. 
  • Dr. Gupta will provide accountability which is a key component of a behavior change. Learn about our exclusive AKG Method.
  • As one loses weight, their other medication also needs to be adjusted right away to avoid adverse events. Dr. Gupta will monitor the doses of your other medications also when you lose weight.

At Valley Forge Weight Management Center, Your Success is our Success! We work with you to develop lifestyle skills so that you lose weight and not gain it back. To achieve weight loss maintenance, it is important that you remain connected with the program. The maintenance program include:

  • Continued access to MyHealth Journey App to allow Dr. Gupta to monitor the progress so a personalized recommendation can be provided at consultation
  • Follow-up weight maintenance visit in 3 to 6 months or sooner if weight regains starts.
  • Continued access to our shop to purchase meal replacements to get adequate protein and low carbohydrates
  • Prescription weight loss medications are FDA approved for chronic weight management. Some patients find it helpful to take the medication for better hunger/craving control. If you chose to do that, Dr. Gupta will follow up monthly to monitor the medication for efficacy and safety.

Get a weight loss consultation. You have nothing to lose but weight!

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