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Golden Personalized Plan

The Premium Personalized Plan emphasizes the development of lifestyle skills. You will get individualized supervision throughout your weight loss journey in this plan. The counseling is provided by a bariatrician who is a physician board certified in family medicine and obesity medicine. The bariatrician will work with you one-to-one and the consultation includes:

  • Comprehensive lifestyle history (eating habits, and physical activity pattern)
  • Weight – time history
  • Body composition assessment and metabolic profile
  • Personalized comprehensive nutriton recommendations, keeping in mind your dietary restrictions and preferences
  • Personalized comprehensive physical activity recommendations, keeping in mind your activity limitations and preferences
  • Prescription weight loss medications when appropriate
  • Accountability to keep you on track and achieve your monthly goals.
  • Mindset change from negative to positive to improve habits and wellbeing
  • Optimized sleep recommendations

Your Success is Our Success!

Golden Personalized Plan
Golden Personalized Plan


Features of the Premium Personalized Plan

Personalized Supervision

You will receive personalized in-app notification on your progress and suggestions every two weeks, PLUS one weekly VIDEO consultation

Online Lifestyle Skills Course

You will get access to online lifestyle skills learning course FREE (worth $99)

Body composition analyzer

You will get a FREE body composition analyzer scale (worth $99) which syncs up automatically with the app to track your muscle, fat, and water

Mobile App Tracking

Enrollment in Our App (MyHealthJourney) for tracking meals, activity tracking, and feedback.

Access to Premium Resources

Access eBooks, PDFs (meal plans, workout routines, recipes)

Access to Premium Nutritional Supplements

Access to Premium Nutritional Supplements for ordering (These are not available in stores)

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