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Diabetes Meal Plan

The Diabetes Meal Plan* Includes:

  • Delicious meal replacement with no aftertaste (Aspartame Free)
  • High-quality protein, Low carbohydrate in every supplement. You will get
    • 4 boxes of variety pack Pudding and Shake. (each box has 7 packets of pudding and shakes with 15 gm protein and 100 calories)
    • 4 boxes of variety pack Meal Replacement Bars (each box has 7 ready-to-eat bars with 15 gm protein and 160 calories)
  • 14-day meal plan with eating 6 times a day with recommendations for low carbohydrate meals. 
  • Access to MyHealthJourney App   
  • Free Access to Dr. Gupta’s Course on “Healthy Lifestyle Skills for Weight Loss” 
  • Free Amazon Kindle eBook. Don’t Just Lose Weight, Lose Inches” with 50 vegetarian recipes. (worth $9.99)

*It is highly recommended that you seek out a qualified health professional to monitor your diabetes while on this program. As you lose weight, your diabetes medications need to be adjusted. If you would like Bariatrician at Valley Forge Weight Management Center to monitor your diabetes as you lose weight, make an appointment with us online

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